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However, it's important to understand your date's perspective.

"The overarching fear is that your 'baggage' will bring unhappiness into his or her life," says Hartman.

As Hartman puts it, "Your date wants to know about you, not your former marriage." • Don't go into too much detail.

Focus on what you learned and how it made you a better person.

If you criticize your ex, you risk sounding petty and emotionally involved.

If you heap on praise, you sound as though you still have romantic feelings for your ex.

So, make sure you really are ready to look to the future. Show that you've learned lessons from your previous marriage and moved on.

Assure your new partner that she or he is a priority and provides what you want and need now.

If your partner is angry, apologize and work to win back that trust."I suspected that this man wasn't over his marriage, which made sense -- after all, he wasn't even divorced yet," she says.• More personal information, such as why the marriage failed and the nature of your relationship with your ex, should be saved for a later date when the two of you are more comfortable with each other.For example, a free divorce chat is the best possible way to interactively come across beautiful, like-minded women who can connect with you.Chat rooms can provide single men and single women with the opportunity to find and make new friends, fall in love and create a long and happy relationship.

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  1. Look for a reputable Catholic psychotherapist in your area ( Catholic ) but be smart: not all therapists are grounded in the faith or give sound advice. You may look at bad things and think they are the end, but wait and see what gifts can come from an evil like divorce.

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