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Some speculation about this monster-riddled map, however, is that it aimed to dissuade Europeans from moving to an island that the current settlers preferred to keep to themselves.

Ortelius didn't confine exotic sea creatures in his maps to the relatively familiar waters of Northern Europe.

Mistakes about marine life have ranged from inaccurate assumptions about the behavior of known species to fanciful depictions of animals that "might" exist.

by Richard Ellis This excerpt of a map of Iceland by a Flemish cartographer shows sea monsters that some believed inhabited the surrounding waters.

Inland, there are views across green rolling dairying country to Mount Edgecumbe, Tarawera, and the Kaimai Ranges.

As our guide said the name Maketu is a reminder of an occupied area from the island of Raiatea or Rangiātea, in the Polynesian homeland known as Hawaiki , where according to Maori tradition, waka set off bound for New Zealand.

I was later informed that our guide was in fact a descendant of the very people he spoke about, not the usual and he kept our group entertained and with his old time story telling mixed with the present the time passed by very quickly.

and provide an explanatory key to what they were, which suggests that he depicted animals he believed to be real.Contrary to popular belief, the sailors of Columbus's day did not think they would sail right off the edge of the Earth.They were, however, apprehensive about what they would find in their travels.The pie factory is less than 5minutes walk from the cooler sea breeze and grassy knolls and well worth a visit. The village is located on Okurei Point with its own surf club, the sandy beaches provide good swimming, surfing, fishing, and shellfish gathering, and if you dress with appropriate footwear, fit and energetic there is a wonderful 90minute walk along the rocky shore line of Okurei point there you will discover wildlife and great rock pools to explore.As a visitor you must drive up Town Point Road to the hill above Maketu, to find spectacular views and popular Briar’s Seaside Rides, which offers horse treks across rolling green farmland with dazzling views out over the whole Bay of Plenty.

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by Joseph Nigg After pointing out that a "monstrous Fish" appeared off the coast of England in 1532, Olaus Magnus wrote, "Now I shall revive the memory of a monstrous Hog that was found afterwards, Anno 1537, in the same German Ocean, and it was a Monster in every part of it.

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