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The bummer about the show is that while the show's on, you're not allowed to do any sort of social media. it's pretty awful, because I have this readership that's with me every day. Have you been watching the show since you got kicked off? I did the dating, the friends dating and the online dating. What's the biggest thing you learned from being on the show? they would show that ugly cry before I went on the show.

learning about yourself What was the worst part of being on ? I thought it was my last chance at finding someone. Half of my face was going up in a smile and the other half was going down.

We spent the entire night drinking champagne, re-telling our story to everyone on the other ends of our phones and admiring the beautiful ring he had designed for me. We all begin our engagements by saying, "I will never be like so and so" or "What's so hard about planning a wedding?

The fight where your relationship gets real and no amount of fancy tulle-lined congratulation cards or diamond rings can make it right.

Someone said to me "Keltie, it's just an engagement, you can always call it off." In that moment something switched inside of me, and I knew that I could never call off our life together.

When we get angry at each other, we sort of move to separate rooms, and then re-emerge when we feel better.

I really like my fiancé -- he's an incredible human being and my best friend. We'd both had several drama-filled relationships before we got together, and we both felt that we were over that point in our lives.

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