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When I said, "I'll f****g kill you over the scene where he was rubbing baby oil into Scarlett's back, I was a jealous and angry.I am not the same person I was when we were together, and I grew up."I met Johnny in 2004 at the restaurant Momo off Regent Street. He was shooting Match Point and I was there with one of my friends.I clocked him and said, "I'm going to have that." Three months later, he'd moved into My flat in Camden, near my father's and I wasted over six years with him.Son comportement lui a d’ailleurs valu d’être banni à vie de la compagnie United Airlines, après avoir été accusé de racisme envers le personnel naviguant, alors que l’Irlandais était une nouvelle fois alcoolisé.33 years old (Born on November 19, 1984) English, Socialite; She is famous from Being the girlfriend of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.He didn't know how to change bed sheets when I met him and I don't stand for things like that, so he definitely will never grow up.I always told people that we would make it work, but I blame Johnny and his Mum for most of his problems.

Après une cinquième entrée en cure de désintoxication au début du mois de juin, le Chris de «Match Point» n’arrive pas à sortir la tête de l’eau.A source said: "We don't want the traditional King Henry, all fat and chewing on a rib. A moins d’un mois de ses 34 ans, Jonathan Rhys Meyers a tenté de se suicider.The 'Match Point' actor arrived and his date Reena Hammer headed straight for a couch in a dimly lit area of The Plumm nightspot.Jonathan and Reena - who is the daughter of make-up artist Ruby Hammer -then began passionately kissing in front of a crowd of revellers.

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Une de ses voisines, interrogée par le magazine, a déploré ce geste: «J’ai vu les ambulances arriver, j’étais morte d’inquiétude. Il avait alors intégré le célèbre centre Promises, en Californie.

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