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As of writing this the only High Sierra build available is a "GM Candidate." I don't think they green lighted it yet.

Changing the build information in your archive to spoof Sierra fixed the issue for me. https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/86290 First of all make sure that you’re on the latest version of Sierra and than archive your app as usually.

#7003 (comment) The answer regarding Carthage above has put me in the right direction. Inside the checkout there's a Rx Example app - this folder also contains an assets bundle file called .

I have no idea why but my current work around is to remove the Rx Example folder from the checkout directory and everything works but this is not ideal when building using our CI server since we always bootstrap and build from Carthage sources.

I am actually finding the above solution does not work.

It appeared to work once yesterday, but the last 8 hours have made me conclude it's not a proper solution.

For some reason, the "copy pod resources" build phase script is recursively looking through the project root folder and then running actool's processing steps on it.

During this recursive look it happens to find that may or may not be included in the project (i.e.

fwiw, The line commented out, for each configuration: Ok here's my theory after spending a whole day investigating this.

/Users/[username]/app/Carthage/Checkouts/Rx Swift/Rx Example/Rx Example/Images.xcassets /Users/[username]/app//Pods/Kite-Print-SDK/Kite-SDK/PSPrint SDK/Kite Print SDK.xcassets /Users/[username]/app/Resources/Images.xcassets if

fwiw, The line commented out, for each configuration: Ok here's my theory after spending a whole day investigating this./Users/[username]/app/Carthage/Checkouts/Rx Swift/Rx Example/Rx Example/Images.xcassets /Users/[username]/app//Pods/Kite-Print-SDK/Kite-SDK/PSPrint SDK/Kite Print SDK.xcassets /Users/[username]/app/Resources/Images.xcassets if $line ! Once said App Store 1024px icon was missing and once said it had alpha channel, while it hadn't. For me, after review any workaround listed unsuccessfully, just created a new icon assets including PNG and Display P3 versions, and that fixed the issue. A further post in the non-Cocoapods-but-issue-related thread on Stack Overflow is pointing the finger at the png colour space for some users, for App Icons that previously worked but now do not, so this is another thing to check if you're still having issues...Rather, something seems to have changed in Xcode 9 which meant that pngs that were previously rendered fine as an App Icon were no longer working.Replacing the images with new pngs, at the same resolutions, that had been created with a different process, resolved my issues. Not sure how helpful this is to post so hesitated, but just to note that I've tried the solution posted above and it hasn't resolved the issue with one of my projects—it still is building without the app icon appearing.

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